QUEST WISE Eye Patches — Effective Relief of

Dry Eye
Eye Strain
Eye Fatigue

QUEST WISE Eye Patches for eye strain

QUEST WISE Review #1

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Jeff Garden (62 yrs)

Mr. Garden from Wisconsin was diagnosed with cataracts. QUEST WISE helps his blurry vision. Listen to his experience with QUESTWISE eye patches.

QUEST WISE Review #2

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DR. CHEN CHONG (75 yrs)

Dr. Chong was very anxious after learning the “floaters “ appearing in her left eye…

QUEST WISE Review #3

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Fujimoto Tenne (17 yrs)

Ms. Tenne's eyes were very itchy due to pollen allergy…

QUEST WISE Review #4

I’m currently in my 60s and for many years I struggled with presbyopia. This is an eye condition that makes it difficult for me to see things up close and clearly. As I’ve aged my vision has become progressively worse. For example, when working on the computer, my vision would eventually become blurry making it difficult to see the screen text clearly. On some occasions, I’ve experienced floaters where it looks like small flecks are passing across my eyes. When one of my friends recommended QUEST WISE eye patches, I decided to give them a try.

I followed the instructions that came inside the package by applying the six small eye patches on the healing positions around my eyes. Three on each side. Immediately, I smelled a strong aroma with coolness that made me feel refreshed. My eyes began to tear. It wasn’t painful at all and I simply kept blinking until they finally adapted to the sensations. This lasted about six minutes before I could see normally.

I was surprised how the eye patches worked so quickly, I guess regulating the eye nerves. This was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve made. Now I carry a small package of the patches with me for emergencies and to relieve eye fatigue.

~ Clear Zhang

QUEST WISE Eye Patches

Relieving Eye Strain/Itching from

Degenerative changes from

Aging Eyes

QUEST WISE Eye Patches for eye strain

Screen Time & Stree

QUEST WISE Eye Patches for eye strain
Allergic reaction of

Hay Fever

QUEST WISE Eye Patches for eye strain
QUESTWISE myopia treatment
Deeply Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine

QUEST WISE Soothing Eye Patches

Quest Wise’s Cooling Eye Patches are formulated from 100% herbal ingredients including Pipewort, Borneol, Azone, Mint, Chrysanthemum, Licorice root. Through skin absorption and acupressure, these eye patches are effective at relieving dry eyes and eye fatigue. These soothing eye patches can be used overnight during sleep and during day activities such as reading, computer work, etc. The product is made in Japan under strict quality control standards. Safe for daily use.

QUEST WISE Soothing Eye Patches

ultimate eye
care solution

Effective Ingredients
Decades of Research
Years in Business


Restore & Repair

UNITEIN Toothpaste – Repair gingival cells, fight against tooth decay, strengthen gums, remove tartar, prevent bad breath, treat gum disease and tooth decay.

UNITEIN Toothpaste - Review #1

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UNITEIN Toothpaste - Review #2

"After 20 years of gum problems, I have finally found the answer to much improved gum health. I’ve been using for 2 months now, and am astounded that my bleeding gums are healed, my constant sore mouth feels normal again. Your toothpaste has been a huge blessing. Thank you!"

Barbara W.

UNITEIN Toothpaste - Review #3

"After two weeks with frankincense, severe gingivitis and tartar disappeared."

~ 28-year-old male

The dentist diagnosed severe gingivitis and early periodontitis, and started brushing with frankincense about a week before gum surgery.

Gum surgery and brushing with frankincense concurrently resulted in significant improvement in bad breath and bleeding. After two weeks with frankincense, severe gingivitis and tartar disappeared.